15 thoughts on “ஆழி- அர்ஜூனா 26

  1. Ayyo ushu ipidi 24 hrs tension la vituta nu konjam kovathula irunthen but ud padichathum eeee agiten.thanks chellam sweet ud ha ha arjuna romance mannar than ana namma icecream oru baby ache epidi samalipanga ?hi hi oru curiosity than.


  2. Best and fantastic ud usha sis…… I was very angry with arnavi during that office ud. Now I am so happy for both of them. Very very nice.


  3. In ur stories, my favourite is Unnakagavae uyir kondaen and Nee Naan Avaan. Like those two stories, this story also totally different. Now this story is also going to be in my favourite list. I am eagerly waiting for you to complete the story, so that I can read full story one more time without any break. In a great suspense, waiting 24 hrs for next ud is really very bad sissy.


  4. ஹாய் உஷா நன்றாக இருந்தது பதிவு…நன்றி பதிவிற்கு.


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