Get my latest books here

Dear Readers,

I’ve noticed that many of you had requested me to send my new novels to your mail ID. Since I have given the ebook rights to a publishing company, it’s not ethical for me to circulate free copies online. Please check out the below links if you are interested. You can either buy or rent the ebooks. Thank you for the understanding. Happy reading makkals!

ஆழி அர்ஜுனா

வித் லவ் மைதிலி

இதோ இதோ என் பல்லவி

13 thoughts on “Get my latest books here

  1. Superda,kandipa vanganum arjuna sir a parthi remba nal achula,sari madam epo thirumba ezhuthuratha irukeenga?remba padips agiyacha,please seekiram ethavathu story oda vanthu thalaya katen!

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    1. awww oru 5 chapters ezhuthi vachirukken sis.. ithu oru new story. post pannavum bayama iruku..ennala complete panna mudilainna enaku ithaan eppovume velai nu solliruvangale 😦 athaan oru 10 chapters aavathu ponumnu wait panren

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  2. Ushhhh mam, AROKANAM story July endla post panraen sonningala, for this reason I m visiting your site daily 10 times. What happened to the story mam. Or else where can we buy it in online.

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  3. Ushanthy, I am waiting for your new story Arokanam. I have even checked out Please, please post it soon or at least let us know where we can get the book. Thank you Sister 🙂

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